Cuidado y almacenaje

Care and Storage

Para conservar tus pashminas en las mejores condiciones te recomendamos seguir las instrucciones de lavado, Lavado en seco únicamente.
To maintain your Pashminas in the best possible condition we recommend that you follow the fabric care instruction, Dry Clean Only.

Tu pashmina puede arrugarse , lo cual es normal, para ello simplemente coloca la pashmina entre dos telas suaves de algodón y plancha a temperatura media. Your pashmina can sometimes get wrinkled. This is perfectly normal. Just place your Pashmina between two towels on medium heat and iron those wrinkles away!

Cashmere es una fibra muy delicada, que necesita mucho cuidado para que se mantenga en perfectas condiciones.
Cashmere is a very delicate fiber that needs to be care of in order to mantenin its softness.

No rocíes perfume encima de tu pashmina, porque hay una gran posibilidad de que el olor permanezca en la fibra y los aceites del perfume la manchen.
Try not to spritz yourself with perfume while wearing cashmere because there is a good chance that it may stain the fiber.

Recomendamos que conserven la pashmina en en interior de su bolsa , para su mejor conservación, y se guarde en un ambiente seco , fuera de la humedad.
We suggest you keep your Cashmere Pashmina inside its special bag to protect it from being damage, and storage in a dry clean area.

Don’t leave it in plastic bags because of the change in temperature – central heating , humidity or airconditioning going on and off causes condensation in the bags, which dries on the garments and can cause mildew or yellowing on light colours. Need to be kept well-aired, dust free and covered, away from sunlight. Nothing should be left in direct sunlight as sunlight rots fabrics.

If you can, wrap your cashmere in acid-free tissue paper, which preserves original colour and protects against damp and dust, and then keep it inside the bag in a dry area.

With proper care, the diamond fabric will last a lifetime or more.